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Welcome to Bipolar World's
Chat Rooms

Bipolar Disorder is a mental disorder of mood.  Swings from the depths of depression to the heights of mania are the hallmarks of this illness.  Please join us here to meet others who have been diagnosed with this illness, ask questions, answer some, or just make new friends with true understanding of how you feel.  It is true that no one understands us as much as others who have walked in our shoes.

Bipolar World now has two peer to peer chat rooms open for your pleasure.  The support chat is available 24 hours per day with moderated chats every evening from 8 pm - 11 pm EST,  with additional hours when operators are available.  As its name suggests, support chat is a room for discussion of bipolar disorder and sharing the empathy and support that only one bipolar can feel for another.  Your chat nick must be registered in order to enter this room.  For help in registering see the "commands" section on the chat guide page and you may use the lounge to register it.

Lounge Chat is also available 24 hours per day and will be moderated when operators are available.  Lounge Chat is a place to meet with bipolar friends (or meet new friends) .... to chat and discuss your day ..... and is meant to be enjoyed on a light hearted basis - a meeting place as it were (a coffee shop for bipolars would be an excellent description if it were real time)

For java chat rooms click on the appropriate logos below. If using mIRC or another internet relay program log into  and join the channel #bipolarworld for support chat and channel #bplounge for the Lounge. 

Anyone interested in volunteering as a chat operator please contact both Allie and David (Blackdog) here  .  Be sure and include your chat nick in your email, thanks! 

There are rules as in any chat room but the cardinal one is to treat others as you would like to be treated.  Please read the rest of the chat guidelines here.  We request anyone who is under age 18 to use the message board for your age group instead of using the Bipolar Chat Room until we are able to get scheduled chats set up for you.

Please remember, we are volunteers only and not medical professionals.  

Chat Room Owner:  Allie

Chat Room Manager:  Robert  M. "nomadbob1"

Chat Room Lead OPs:  andie, cowgirlie

Chat Room OPs:  drummergirl, epic, happymom, mimi_1, and Mrs_Funky

With that in mind, click on the image of your choice below to join a chat room.


If you are suicidal, please call 1-800-273-TALK or 911.
                                                         [ 8255 ]


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Owners:  Allie Bloom, David Schafer, M.Ed. (Blackdog)

Partners:  John Haeckel, Judith (Duff)
Founder:  Colleen Sullivan

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